Another Suspect over Papua Police Officer's Attack Arrested

Thursday, 8 December 2011 | 11:59

JAKARTA - Police have arrested another suspect in the attack case of second brigadier Ridwan Napitupulu in Jayapura, Papua, last Thursday.

"JT, the suspect, was arrested yesterday in Jayapura," National Police head of public relations division Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution said here on Wednesday.

Police are still chasing another suspect involved in the case that has been put in the wanted list. "The three other suspects who have been arrested have been detained," he said.

The three suspects who have been detained are Thomas Tarko, Yonathan Tarko and Jhon Calvin Tarko. They are charged against Articel 214 paragraph 2 and 2e of the Criminal Code.

JT is a group member in Nimbokrang and their motive for attacking two police officers has not been known
yet. Second Brigadier Ridwan died at Bhayangkara Hospital in Jayapura on Monday at around 00.35 hours.

Ridwan and his colleague chief brigadier Dian Budi Santoso were ambushed and attacked that night in Berap, Demta while conducting patrol in the area. While trying to run for safety in the river Ridwan was caught and later tortured. Seeing his colleague’s condition Dian then climbed up the river where he was hiding by holding on a sago tree and carried his colleague away to a residential area for help.

source : kompas

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