Eee .... There is A Lizard with Head Like Bird

Monday, April 18, 2011 8:09

MOJOKERTO - Cicak generally have a small head and flat-headed, but not with a lizard found Penompo Village, Jetis District, Mojokerto Regency, East Java.

Unlike the lizard in general, this lizard has a pointed head like a sparrow's head and tail are continuous as well as different colors.

This lizard was found Sulaiman (35), at his home. He also decided to maintain the lizard findings.

According to
Sulaiman, this strange lizard found himself after the morning prayer a few days ago. On his wall lizard suddenly appeared with a large head and tail continuous.

To maintain it, the lizard was placed in a jar and fed white rice and small crickets.
Sulaiman pleaded not going to sell this lizard though there are some people who are interested to buy it.

A number of residents who are curious about this bird's head lizard came to the house of
Sulaiman. Even partial capture by using the camera.

 source : okezone

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