Strange, This Python Got 2 Legs and Crown

Thursday, March 31, 2011 20:02 PM

SUKABUMI - Uncommon with the python in Sukabumi, West Java, this. The head and tail have a rarity when compared to a snake like.

Python with a weight of 150 kilograms of residents of Kampung Nagrak west, South Nagrak village, Sukabumi, this has two legs which are located near the tail. Crown of the head as well.

Her attitude was very strange because it mimics what the human. He did not want to eat a meal of meat from animals that have not been slaughtered.

For nearly 20 years Asep Saeful and his wife, Heri Saroh Wariem maintaining snake named this Kudjang like their family. Kudjang also has become a friend and playmate for the five children Asep.  

Asep said he did not have feelings of fear eaten by this 6-meter long snake. "I was calm even when the kids play together Kudjang," said Asep.

According to Asep two legs at the end of the tail Kudjang will be elongated if moving. Also in his head similar to spearhead the form of weapons in the form of Sundanese people like kudjang. This is the reason why Stupid Python is named Kudjang. Another anomaly is the navel,which appears in the head.

Unlike other snakes Kudjang actually afraid of with live chickens or cats. Though the two were supposed to be a prey animal.

Asep claimed to get this snake when he was hunting in the forest. Nothing strange that she felt. It's just desire to care for the snake is very high. Whereas previously he had always sell or exploit if see a snake.

Lisna, Asep new child aged 5 years admitted to not be afraid to Kudjang. He loved like a friend or relative.

The owners who only work as coolies odd jobs did not intend to sell the snake, although he admitted there are parties who wanted to help make the cage that is currently too small.

The snake was considered a loyal friend and an entertainer for children. 

source :okezone

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